Why Exit Intent may not be for you

There is absolutely no doubt that pop-ups have a bad rap. After all, when the internet first emerged pop-ups were all the rage, but there were those who went too far. They became excessive, which caused them to virtually vanish from the internet.

However, there are times when pop-ups can be beneficial – if used properly. One of these times is to encourage a visitor to come back and not leave, referred to as exit intent pop-ups. However, if used improperly, these pop-ups can cause the same issues that the traditional, pop-ups of the past do.

Some of the ways that these pop-ups may actually affect your site negatively are highlighted here.

Annoying Your Visitors

One of the biggest mistakes made when using exit-intent technology is that it may annoy your visitors. These are, after all, the types of popups that led to the initial creation of popup blockers. If you don’t allow an easy “x” or “close” option, you may quickly discover that repeat traffic is virtually non-existent.when-not-to-use-exit-banners

Exit Intent Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to ensure that your exit intent popups provide the desired results, and do not negatively impact your website, you have to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Providing no clear way to close the exit intent popup
  • Having  popups that appear too often
  • Not making the CTA (call-to-action) clear in the popup
  • Using all words and no images (or not having a good ratio)
  • Implementing a popup that does not match your site’s style

These factors are what have given popups a bad name and they will negatively impact the experience your users have.

Becoming Irrelevant

Another essential thing to avoid when using exit intent popups is displaying information or products that are completely irrelevant to why a customer first landed on your site. For example, if they arrived at your site by searching “designer watches,” you will have a virtually not-existent chance of getting them to come back and covert if the star of your pop-up is Men’s Pants.

It is essential that the popup displayed is relevant to the customer’s first search. This will ensure they have motivation to continue on the website.

Avoid Being “Spam”

There are some website owners that think if one pop-up won’t convince them to stay, they should trigger another. However, pop-up after pop-up will cause the visitor to have to keep trying to exit, causing frustration and a less-than-fond memory of the site.

There is no question that exit intent pop-ups can go either way. They can help or hurt your website. However, when used properly, you can avoid the negative effects of pop-ups and reap the benefits they have to offer. Take some time to learn a bit more about exit intent pop-ups in order to use them in a manner that will lead to more conversions and email sign ups without frustrating or annoying your visitors.