Why Exit Intent Banners Work

Pop up ads have become one of the most hated things on the Internet over the years.  However, new and smarter type of pop up has risen to the top with a tremendous amount of success.  Exit banners, also referred to as lightboxes and pop overs are much different than the old “Click here to win a trillion dollars” pop ups. Exit Banners are designed to keep a user on the site they are visiting, not to click away to some garden of random links and blinking images.  A good exit banner will offer a discount on something the customer was looking at, an email form to receive updates, or a link to download a free ebook or catalog.  These ads are native to the site, and typically will slide or drop onto the screen in a fashion that’s easy on the eyes.  The tech behind them allows the site to detect when a user is moving outside of the browser, and then drops or slides in the popup.

Email signups are possibly the most successful results from exit banners, as well as banners that pop up during a session before exit.  One study reported a 600% increase in Email subscribers!  A clear attractive call to action and a clean native ad feel that gives the user a pleasant offer to subscribe can increase signups dramatically.

For banners that feature products, or discount opportunities, the results can be overwhelmingly successful as well.  Even if a user is interested in purchasing a product from your site, many customers become overwhelmed by decision fatigue and end up leaving.  Enter the the exit banner.  Just before the cursor hits exit, a well timed and featured product is presented in uninterrupted glory for the user to decide on.  Even something simple such as a discount can be enough to make the decision a little easier on the customer. 10-15% increases have been reported in conversions for exit-intent banners when the timing a design is right.

Be sure to A/B test banners always.  Alternate between offers such as free shipping, featured products, special discounts, and lead capturing.  The average attention span is 8 seconds.  A pop up banner should deliver a message in 5, easing your customer into a simple decision, a purchase, and keeping them away from that “close” button.