What is Engagement Automation?

What-is-engagement-automationEngagement Automation (EA) is a system made to assist marketers and website owners to create on-going conversations with prospects, audiences, and customers across various channels.

Rather than the direct contact flows of sales and marketing , Engagement lets you monitor the behavior of visitors to your website and define certain actions that should be taken if they reach certain areas or show certain interests.


You can tailor their experience by creating personalized content for them such as sending them an e-mail with special offers or invitations to participate in webinars, and downloads of free ebooks suited to their interests.  EA helps convert more web visitors to your website into marketing prospects and sales leads, and close the loop from initial visit to conversion to customer or lead.

Marketo is well known in this area.  Enabling marketers and site owners to bring their messaging through the fog of impersonal and blast campaigns that clutter inboxes and websites.  They feature a full service email platform, web tracking, triggering & publishing, and inbound & outbound social marketing.  Focusing on cross channel communication they allow for executing marketing programs that span multiple channels, including email, web, mobile, events, direct mail and social media.  They provide a customer database that tracks each consumer across channels, including behavioral, demographic, and transactional data.  Pricing for Marketo starts at $895 per month for up to 10,000 records and goes up to $3195 for 100,000 records, with custom B2B plans above that.

Silverpop (an IBM Company), is another leader in this space.  They offer Web-based solutions for companies to build relationships with customers and prospects through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant online messaging.  Silverpop focuses on building customer relationships one customer at a time – at scale.   The massive amount of data they can collect leads to the creation of single identities for each unique individual across channels.  Silverpop pricing is based on database size (measured in leads or contacts) or email distribution volume.  Their overall pricing is not transparent primarily because the suite of services is far-ranging.  According to CRMSearch.com, Silverpop is not a simple pricing model and selectively discloses pricing information as a sales technique.

Eloqua is Oracle’s contribution to engagement automation.  Using what they call ‘Digital Body Language’  they are able to identify unique behavior and create 1:1 customer experiences.  Eloqua can run multiple scoring models at the same time so they can have different lead scoring modules for various geographies, product lines, etc. and a prospect’s score always updates in real time. Eloqua is tailored mostly to large B2B buyers.  Although they are able to work with smaller businesses who have complex needs, they tend to focus on very complex integrations and business processes.