How Saas Companies Succeed With Email Marketing

People have been predicting the death of email marketing for well over a decade now.  Yet, here it is still being used in full force effectively, and most of all – personalized and targeted, with individual customization as the end goal.

 Email has continually evolved to fit the times, and has become an integral part not only general marketing, but also cart abandonment, and triggered emails based on customer’s onsite site behavior.

Saas Email Marketing

Not everyone was quick to put email marketing in its grave though.  Wayback in 2007 there were a few marketers who saw the potential of personalization with automation.

So automating and personalizing emails is not a brand new idea.  However the technology has finally caught up with that idea.  Companies like GetDrip, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign,  are using advanced techniques and proprietary software to help sites gain leads, attract new customers, and segment users with a finely tuned set of categories and behaviors.  Pipelines and drip series are automated and behave in accordance with what the user is doing.


Personalized Email marketing stretches beyond the limits of just ecommerce sites.  Saas sites are beginning to use personalized email marketing in several ways:

  • Re-engage users who have signed up for their service but have not returned over a period of time
  • Send offers and event invitations to existing users
  • Send blog update and ebook release notifications
  • Send emails based on site behavior to direct customers to services, offers, and products based on what they have shown interest in.

Based on the responses to these emails, the site can set a series of follow ups via a “drip campaign.”  Suppose the user never opened the email, by using automation the site can track this and send a pre-written second email that will be triggered and sent after a day or so of the email not being opened.  If the email is clicked, the drip stops and then the user’s behavior can be tracked, setting off a new drip series depending on what they do.  The possibilities are virtually endless provided that the emails are well written with great subject lines, and with close attention to timing so that the user is not spammed.  Are you using an automation or proprietary system to continually re-engage users?  Leave a comment and let us know!