Video Ads – The Rising Star

Moore’s Law states that technology advances twofold every two years.  Although he surmised that in the 1960s, it holds even truer today.  The number of pixels in our camera, processor speeds, the list goes on.  What he didn’t make predictions on was digital advertising, but rest assured that technology in the advertising world moves just as fast, in fact probably faster.

video advertising benefitsThe prime example…video advertising.  In Q2 of 2014, available video ad formats jumped 0.68%.  IAB has added 5 new “rising star” to its compliant ad types.  This is all for good and well though out reason.  According to Celtra, Video ad engagement has increased by 17%, and completion rates by over 40%
This points clearly to the fact that audiences engage with relevant high quality content in a more more engaged fashion than static banner ads, which incidentally tend to have high frequency caps, resulting in banner blindness pretty quickly.

Until very recently, video inventory was lower than demand.  That is by far no longer the case, as more and more SSPs adopt video, and publishers begin to set aside inventory to accommodate it.

Programmatic in video is the only thing that lags behind the trend.  Many brands of the high end variety are still buying direct to ensure that they maximize their exposure and forecast results.  However, this trend will not last forever.  Programattic video is expected to jump to 40% of all video advertising by 2016.  Add to his the possibilities of tech expanding on an exponential plane, we may have yet to see what new technology will bring to video advertisers this year.  We may have only scratched the surface.