Top Exit Intent Banner Sites Part 2

rTjKrngecWe’re going to look at a few more companies that offer exit intent technology in an effort to give our readers a wide knowledge of what’s available for their needs.  For site owners looking how to stop cart abandonment, retain users, and capture email addresses, this tech is number one.  You can check out earlier posts here. Exit Intent platforms are growing in numbers and efficiency as of late.  If you are unfamiliar with how they work, we recommend finding more info from this article about Bounce Exchange. Incidentally, we will profile them in this article as well.  With that, let’s take a look at some of the different services and their benefits or drawbacks as the case may be.

Bounce Exchange

As we just linked to a post about them, it’s appropriate to start here.  Bounce Exchange was an earlier player in exit intent tech and even had a patent on the technology of detecting when a mouse was about to leave a site.  Of course now that ability is widely by a number of companies, but it’s only right to give Bounce Exchange their due as being early to the table.  However, displaying exit banners is only part of their service.  Their software analyses visitor behavior including purchase history and traffic sources to create engagement journeys including the exit displays upon leaving the site.  They use this collected journey to create customer acquisition strategies for their clients.  Increasing conversion rates is Bounce Exchange’s top mission.  Considering their variety of funding, they are doing well at it, and remain one of the top players.  Drawback – Although they offer a few reports and guides on their site, in order to get deeper numbers you’ll need to schedule a demo.

Max Traffic

Founded in 2012, Max Traffic does a few different things with bounce banners aside from displaying them upon customer exit.  They have the option to set rules that can show offers to visitors who who leave site with “Back” button, grab visitors who view a specific page, and display messages to users who have been on the site for a specific amount of time.  They allow their customers to create their own offers, including product promos, email sign ups and social interaction. They boast the ability to increase online sales by up to 15%.  Retail, finance and travel look to be their biggest areas of success.  Costs are reasonable at a $139 starter package for 30,000 visitors.  Advance segmenting and features jump significantly up to over $600.