Stop Wasting Ad Spend on Retargeting

As you well know,  most people who visit your site will leave without making a purchase, subscribing, or really doing anything at all. They just come by, look around (maybe) and leave.  If you’re retargeting them, here’s an incredibly  important question:

Are you retargeting every visitor that visits your site?

More often than not, the answer to this is yes for marketers who retarget. Most platforms that do retargeting will default to run ads for every visitor that leaves the site, regardless of how long they were there, or what they did while visiting.

This is a waste of money, and impressions.


If you have a shop in a crowded mall. People will visit your shop. But  would you look to offer help to someone who poked their head in and glanced around for half a second? Of course not, you’re focused on the ones who are in there showing interest, looking at products, and displaying purpose.

You’re not going to chase passerbys and run after those who are clearly not interested.  They’re just poking around the mall.

Retargeting so often does this though, it chases *everyone* who walks by. Even Facebook Retargeting.
If you’re going to bring back visitors who have left your site, you want to pick and choose. Selective Retargeting is becoming a savior to wasted ad spend, headed up by companies like BigEngage.  This method of retargeting allows you to set up rules for who gets to see your ads. This way you can weed out window shoppers and get to the users who mean business.

So how do you choose?

Selective retargeting let’s you define how long a person should be on your site, as well as how many pages they look at before you tag them as a hot enough lead for retargeting. You can also stack rules upon eachother to define what your perfect lead is.  then, even better, you show them campaigns designed for them.

successful retargeting

Old fashioned retargeting hurts click through rates, and hurts conversion rates significantly. So throw out the old water and start boosting your conversions, get leads back to your site, and show them personalized entry and exit ads with calls to action. This creates a seamless top-of-mind experience for everyone who visits your site with serious interest.

 Check out the features offered by BigEngage that take retargeting to a new, intelligent level.