Why Exit Intent Pop Ups are SO Effective!

Exit Intent technology is gaining a tremendous amount of traction these days.  By now you’ve most certainly have seen a pop up ad or offer when leaving a site.

Why?  Because pop up ads are really, really effective. Data has proven that some pop-ups can be instrumental in terms of lead generation and growing your email list.
The key is to foster lead generation without annoyance – this can be tricky, but completely possible.

The technology designed to integrate these pop-ups into your site essentially track the visitor’s mouse movements. A pop-up is only triggered when the cursor crosses over the browser window and the toolbar. This occurs because the technology is designed to know this particular movement means the user is preparing to leave the site.

This allows you to target and then serve the pop up to individuals who are considering leaving the site – display an incentive or other appealing offer– and keep them there or bring them back.

Benefits Offered by Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Prior to implementing this strategy, there is a good chance you will want to feel confident that it is worth the time and effort. Some of the benefits these pop-ups offer can be found here.

A Second Opportunity to Convert

exit-intent-adsWhen someone attempts to leave your site it is because your existing attempts to encourage a conversion have failed. If you don’t implement exit intent technology, your visitors will leave without every making a purchase or signing up for your email list. While they may return on their own free will at some point, you have still spent quite a bit of effort to get this customer to your site and they are leaving without taking any action. The opportunity you had to convert this person is gone.



With this exit intent technology, you will have another chance to approach a potential customer in a few days, in a few different ways:

• Reinforce the CTA or original message
• Change the offer or message
• Capture a visitor’s email address

Build Your Subscribers List

get email subscribersEmail marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing strategies available for ecommerce sites. When your customers give you permission to email them, they become an important asset.

Research shows that when you ask a visitor to sign up for your list prior to leaving, the results are impressive. On average, when you integrate exit-intent popups you will see:

• Signup rates of three to five percent
• Offering something free increases this by 10 percent
• Conversions of up to 10 percent when incentives are offered

Instantly Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

A huge issue for many ecommerce sites is cart abandonment. With exit intent technology in place, you have the opportunity to try and convince them to make a purchase prior to leaving. The best way to do this is by offering an additional discount or another type of incentive. If you don’t require the email in this pop-up your potential for a conversion is even higher than if you ask for their email.

Ability to Recommend Other Products

When visitors leave your site without converting, the most likely reason for this is because they didn’t find what they wanted. With exit-intent technology it provides you the opportunity to redirect these visitors with a feature product or additional content. While this may not lead to an immediate sale, it offers another look at what you have to offer.

The takeaway here is that while pop-ups – generally speaking – are frowned upon, they can actually increase your email subscribers and even encourage a sale days after the customer leaves. Just be sure you are not overly invasive or pushy, since this will push your customer away even more.