Top Exit Intent Banner Services Part 1

exit intent technology
Exit Intent technology has become widely used across ecommerce, blogs, and Saas sites to convert visitors into users, buyers, or get email subscriptions.  The ability to track mouse movement and predict when a user was about to leave a website was once a mind boggling technology. Now it is relatively common.  However, there are still only a handful of companies that can do it well and add the proper analytics and usability to make it a worthwhile investment for companies looking to convert more visitors.

PicReel has been around for 10 years, trying and implementing new methods of converting visitors throughout that time.  Their exit intent technology tracks mouse location on screen, where it is and where it is going. It analyzes duration and velocity of movement to predict when a user is leaving so that it can trigger an overlay before the user leaves.  Picreel offers a clean and easy UI for creating ads, numerous customization options, and several templates to help site owners quickly implement their technology onto their website

Optimonk is a very popular provider of exit intent and conversion technology.  Using similar tech as Picreel, their system can detect a mouse leaving a page within milliseconds.  One of Optimonk’s strengths as the amount of variables and customization offered.  Users can create as many messages they wish, and target different segments with different messages. Their message creation UI and ability to create display rules and segments is extremely user friendly and quick to implement.

ExitIntent provides, along with mouse detection and exit banner tech, a wide variety of templates geared at several different types of advertisements.  Whereas Optimonk and PicReel offer the user the ability to create ads based on blank and pre-designed templates, PicReel offers entire ads with copy and images that can be used.  The customization is very specific, with several pre-filled fields to use as-is or customize.  The analytics on the site are not as robust as what id offered by Picreel and Optimonk, but for a company that just wants to easily implement some well designed and effective ads, ExitIntent is a good option.