Profiling 10 Retargeting Companies

Retargeting has become an essential and now ubiquitous form of marketing across the web.  Retargeting is known to acquire 10 times the CTR of normal display, with retargeted customers 70% more likely to make a purchase than organic customers.  With that being true, there are more and more companies jumping into the retargeting ring.  Many of these companies offer their own unique tools on top of the standard features of retargeting.  Below we profile 11 of the top retargeting platforms (in alphabetical order), and their available features.


AdMedia offers a large suite of advertising products including video and native ads as well as retargeting. Their retargeting includes cross channel advertising across display, mobile, email, and search. A dynamic engine generates a product feed for recommendations based on synched information with the advertiser’s site.


UK based AdMedo offers several retargeting packages for advertisers and agencies including a free starter package.  With over 28 mobile, display and data partners, they offer a powerful RTB engine, 3rd party ad tag support, and behavioral targeting in their retargeting suite.


Based in San Francisco, CA, Adroll is one of the most recognizable names in retargeting.  Their platform allows advertisers to run retargeting campaigns using data from their own site.  Leveraging Display, Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile, AdRoll reaches a massive audience in their retargeting platform.Criteo

Criteo, based in Paris, features real time personal retargeting based on site data and inventory.  Geared mostly to retail, advertising options go cross-channel across display, mobile, and social with access to exclusive RTB inventory.  Criteo’s predictive analysis engine finds likely buyers and chooses relevant products to display in real time.


Headquartered in New York, Magnetic offers retargeting based on search history.  With access to a large amount of search intent data, Magnetic analyzes comparison shopping, visits to review sites such as Yelp, and others to predict customer activity and behavior.  By leveraging this data Magnetic shows relevant display ads to customers with buying intent.


Based out of San Mateo CA, MyBuys uses an Active Shopper Database, which contains behaviors and purchase intent for more than 250 million consumers for retargeting and to acquire new customers and users.  Using email and site behavior, MyBuys delivers relevant real time ads across channels.


From Paris, NextPef dynamically places ads to prospective buyers and past visitors across channels using a predictive algorithm and advanced segmentation.  Along with delivering highly personalized ads, they offer “Second Screen Retargeting” which analyses browser behavior while cross referencing with TV ads for multi-screen synchronization.


From the UK, Optilead focuses on retargeting cart abandoners using telephone, email, and SMS.  Their algorithims use a number of factors to personalize ads such as abandonment stage, value of product viewed, geo, and others.  Optilead can reach customers with a retargeting ad within 60 seconds of the customer leaving the site.


Based on of San Francisco, CA, PerfectAudience is another very well-known retargeting platform.  They give advertisers the ability to retarget customers across display on the web, Twitter, and with Facebook ads.  Each impression is personalized with dynamic ads that show the customer what they were viewing before abandon.


Based out of Emeryville CA, Retargeter  around.  They specialize in retargeting on most available channels: Facebook, Twitter,  Email, Search, and Dynamic site based data in real time.  Their display inventory covers 98% of the web.  Retargeter targets users at all points of the engagement funnels well as targeting users that have not yet visited the site.