Personal Customer Interaction – The Future Of Marketing

A long time ago, in a brick and mortar store far, far way. A customer would come in, be greeted by a human being who would ask a few questions about what they were looking for, and help them find it, probably with a touch of polite upselling along the way.

personalized-marketingIn the online world of today the human touch is replaced by, in the best case, a smart landing page, some suggested products based on cookie collecting, and past purchases, but the *personal* aspect is still a ways away from where marketers think it can be.  That’s why marketers are striving harder and harder to find that level of personal marketing, and in many cases making great strides. Personalization is the future of online marketing, and marketers who aren’t on board should hop in, now.

Currently the loudest technology in this area is Multi-Point Attribution (MTA).  MTA is designed to reflect each point of advertising that ultimately resulted in the conversion of a customer. Instead of simply attributing the point of click to the point of sale, MTA looks at the fact that a user may have seen multiple advertisements for the product they purchased on different mediums.  For example, a YouTube ad, a mobile ad, then a display ad on a desktop which was then clicked and converted.  With MTA, each of those points would receive a share of credit for the conversion.

Using this data, and when possible, combining it with first party data, will shed much light on user behavior which allows for segmenting, clustering and personalization.  With that info at hand, marketers can tailor the types of ads shown to different  prospective customers, and not only save money on impressions, but come closer to creating that personalized experience for the customer.