New 2017 Study Says Email Marketing Still Rules


There are almost more digital marketing channels than we can count these days, and new ones pop up constantly – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Content Marketing, Blogging…and on.  These are all marketing channels that have proven to be effective.  They’re often cited as the best strategies around.  But what of the old strategies?  Email Marketing…anyone still using that?

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According to a brand new study – yes!  As a matter of fact 84% of marketers still use it, and rate it as their highest performing channel.

A new study shows that not only does email marketing still outperform other channels, but its effectiveness has increased as well.  Marketers have seen a 98% delivery rate for marketing emails.  Up 11% over the last few years.

New Email Marketing tools with the ability to clean email lists to avoid spam boxes, as well as new techniques in Email Automation and Lead Capturing, have kept email at the top of the heap, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere.