New Meta Tag Generator Makes SEO Easy

There is a new tool that’s very friendly to marketers and site owners looking to increase SEO.  Often times, publishers focus on content and put out great stuff, but without structured Meta Tags, they’re hurting their SEO.

In many cases, publishers don’t know a ton about code so they just leave the coding of Meta Tags alone. Now, it’s as easy as entering a few fields with guided and understandable content that will improve search engine’s ability to find you.  Feel free to click that link and get started, it’s quite easy.  But for some details on why the info you enter is important…keep on reading 🙂

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are small lines of code that describe the content on a webpage.  They help search engines understand what category the page belongs in, as well as a quick indication of its content and structure. Meta Tags appear primarily in the html of a webpage. They do not appear on the actual visible page. Meta Tags are useful for bloggers and website content creators to get their pages indexed and crawled by search engines.

Are Meta Tags good for Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, Meta Tags will help websites be easily crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines. They also describe your site to people searching the web. This improves search rankings and page visibility. Meta Tags help users find your pages and understand the content of your site.

How do you create Meta Tags?

You can create Meta Tags by hand using HTML when creating a webpage. Or, more easily with wordpress plugins, or Meta Tag Generators like this one from BigEngage. Tools like this help you put in your Meta Tags using an easy form, rather than hand coding.

meta tag creatorThere are four primary Meta Tags that every page should have.


Title meta tags are the most important tags for improving your search engine visibility. The title tag will appear around the web, and in places like web browser tabs. Make sure your title easily describes your page. Also make sure that it will be useful to people searching the web for the kind of content you have.

title meta tag


Your Meta Tag description will tell search engines what your page is about in a short easy line of text. It’s easily identifiable to search engines, and sometimes will even display in actual search results, depending on what text the search engine decides to display. Note – description will not affect your search rankings, but it will help your site be indexed more easily.


Keyword meta tags can help your site be more easily searched. However they do not always directly affect search ranking or placement.  You should still use keyword meta tags though. Search engines do pay attention to them to some extent, so make sure to use concise keywords that are related to your page. Don’t add unrelated keywords to try and trick search engines. Google and other search engines are wise to this and don’t like it.


Robots tell search engines whether to show your page in search results or not.

  • follow/no follow use “follow” to have your page shown in results.  This will help rank it higher as well as boost domain authority. “No follow” tells search engines to ignore it.

With these tips you should be able to easily create Meta Tags with the understanding of what Meta Tags are and how they help.  Be concise when using them and make sure they describe your site accurately and easily for search engines and actual people. You will see an improvement of your search results and page rankings when you correctly use Meta Tags.