Marketing Automation is not just Email – 4 Great Tips

Automated email campaigns have long been an effective tool for continuing to engage a customer after they have visited your site, requested info, signed up for a newsletter, or completed a purchase.  And for good reason.

Automated email marketing has been reported to reel in 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent.
Another study says a 4,300% return on investment is possible!  Setting up an automation campaign that continues to bring customers relevant information, promotions, & newsletters keeps them engaged, keeps them coming back, and keeps conversions happening.

lifecycle-marketing-explainedGreat, so if we’ve got a good automated email plan, we’re set, and can sit back and watch that 4,300% ROI roll in.  Not so fast, there’s a lot more to Lifecycle Marketing than just email.  Stacking up a platform that not only engages users by email once they’ve visited, but also personalizes their experience from the moment they visit a site.  From there it needs to continue in perpetuity not only on email but onsite, on the web through retargeting, as well as highly targeted email drip series campaigns.

Lost traffic is a huge pain point for any marketer, any business that is trying to grow and keep their cost per acquisition down.  No matter how well your direct advertising plan is implemented, it means nothing if the traffic it drives simply drops off after entering the site without you knowing who that visitor was, and what they were doing.  Let’s say for example you’re selling shoes.  You create a great email campaign, people start clicking, and coming to the site.  What are they seeing then?  Are they being dropped onto your homepage or generic landing page without guidance to the product they are looking for?  Are they coming to a page with only a specific product and no prompting on how to get to others?  This is where the need for a complete lifecycle marketing strategy comes into play.  Here are 4 tips on how to grow your visitors into customers,  retain them, and reduce lost traffic.

Entry Messages

onsite marketing


As we said in the above example, you’re selling shoes, you create some great display ads and social media campaigns, and visitors start coming in. Why do physical stores have greeters and floor salespeople greet you right away?  Because it’s important to keep customers guided and engaged, helping them find exactly what they want.  It’s essential that as soon as they land, the messaging and direction from the ad is seamlessly continued.  If you sent an email about a 10% off sale, make sure they are coming to a page relevant to that sale and greet them when they do, just like someone walking into a store.  Greet them with a personalized entry message.  Give them a human face, a warm greeting, and direction as to where to go, what to look for, or even take the opportunity to get their email address for future news and retention.  They’re a lead as soon as they enter your site, so get their info by cookie tracking, and even better – email.  This can eliminate lost traffic and build your database of leads

Exit Messages

Similar to entry messages, exit messages can give you an opportunity to get info from the customer before they leave.  Offer them an ebook, sweeten the deal with a coupon, or get them to sign up for your newsletter or future offers.  Again, don’t let the lead slip away.  If they aren’t buying this time, invite them back! As they say “A man doesn’t walk onto a lot unless he intends to buy.”


Los Traffic can again be avoided using retargeting.  When someone leaves your site, that doesn’t need to be the end of the story.  Using retargeting you can continue to show the customer ads from your site on websites they visit after leaving.  Retargeting can yield a revisiting rate up to 70%.  Lost traffic just doesn’t need to happen.  If a customer is bound to never return to your site, at least you have given them a complete and memorable experience of your site.  You may get a 70% return rate, but you’ll have a high brand awareness rate.


Know who your visitors are!  Tracking visits using cookies is a huge component in turning faceless visitors into real leads.  Using cookie tracking and especially by using entry and exit messages with newsletter sign ups, you can build a database of customers that you can segment, organize, and launch campaigns to.  This grows your email list, your retargeting capabilities, and essentially eliminates lost traffic by getting info on every visitor without exception.

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