How to Target the Right People on Twitter


It is a challenge for digital marketers to get an audience to engage with your brand. Unlike the launch and marketing of a SaaS or an ecommerce website, branding or marketing on social media platforms requires traffic, but most importantly, the right audience.

More followers on Twitter is always great – but the most important goal is quality. Engagement in each Tweet is more beneficial than total followers. Everyone who has worked on the social media knows that it takes a fraction of the time to get the followers while it is hard to get meaningful engagement.retarget on Twitter

This level of engagement requires connections with right kind of people. With the right connection and right strategies, this leads to a rise in shares, retweets, replies, clicks and ultimately more leads and traffic.



If you are looking for the right people regarding your niche on Twitter, remember you’ll have to go outside the platform. It means that looking for people only on Twitter is not enough; you’ll have to go outside the confines and do some research. Each market or niche has a particular demographic that needs to be tapped. Beginning from square one with no followers and no established audience, getting followers without paying for Twitter ads requires a  bit of work

The best thing would be to look for the businesses and blogs that have your desired audience all tapped and ready to go. With them you’ll be able to build a strong active audience and generate more content as well as more leads.

It is important that you browse streams of your competitors and related businesses and see what kind of industry hashtags they use. This brainstorming session will get you the relevant hashtags. Tweetchup is a great analytic tool to understand and analyze your competitors’ Twitter profile.

Follow and Engage
Just like hashtags, following other profiles and engagement plays a very important role. With this you build relationships and get more and more people to engage with you.

Retweet, Post, Create Lists
Understand the people who would be using and liking your product. Take a look at trends on Twitter, and look at the profiles that are responding to the hashtags you previously identified. Create lists based on hashtags and Tweets that are similar to your company. From here you’ll get more related hashtags, you’ll find more profiles to follow, and as you start following more users, start tweeting frequently (2 – 3 times per day) using relevant hashtags. This will result in 3 things:

  • You’ll get follow backs from a lot of the profiles you’ve chosen to follow
  • People will see your hashtags and add you to lists
  • You’ll get retweets and followers from your individual tweets. This is the kind of organic engagement that will spread your content on Twitter to the right audience.