How Retargeting Lifts Lifecycle Marketing To The Next Level

Retargeting users after they leave your site, particularly if they haven’t taken any action, is crucial to eliminating lost leads, and expanding the ability to create and retain customers.  Lifecycle marketing, which is often associated with email alone, needs to be going hand in hand with retargeting.  If you look at the fact that users are 9 times more likely to do business with a site that’s personalized, then why not reach out to them when they’re browsing other sites after they leave yours? This is especially important if a user hasn’t left you with any information that will let you contact them in the future.  For example, if you have an email signup form on your site, and the user skips past it and leaves…they’ve left forever.  You can’t begin a lifecycle email campaign.  So retargeting them is crucial.  Assert your value to them personally via retargeting ads, and get them back.   Over 26% of users will return to a site from retargeting.  Site owners simply cannot afford to deny themselves those users.

Retargeting with Personalization

When those users return, they are far more likely to engage with your product or service rather then just browse.  Even if they don’t purchase, the engagement will most often lead to them at least giving you an email address in exchange for some kind of incentive, say an eBook download, a discount, or an offer.  Now that you have their email address, you can add the direct communication spoke into your lifecycle wheel.

Smartly emailing visitors and customers has been a successful practice for years, and it’s one of those tricks that never gets old.  In fact, it only gets better when used right.  People like personalized content.  They respond to it, and it at its least, it perpetuates continued brand awareness with a simple send to an inbox.  Again though, personalization is the key.  Segmenting your visitors, customers, and frequent users is key to the success of a lifecycle marketing campaign.  You don’t want to be sending an “intro to our site” email to a returning customer any more than you want to be sending a “Thank you for your purchase” email to someone who just filled out a form.  Basing your email campaigns on user behavior is going to raise engagement and stimulate conversions.  Reaching out to the retargeted customer with the right message, thanking them for returning, is another personal touch that will begin a relationship of interest and trust.  Adroll and PerfectAudience are great at retargeting, and BigEngage offers both retargeting and personalized emails to go along with it

To recap, the start of this personal relationship with a user begins at the initial visit, not the purchase, or the sign up.  So retargeting “lost” users and then getting their info through this additional channel is naturally going to boost the number of users you can target for your lifecycle email campaigns.  This will increase the personalization involved, and thereby increase conversions.  So don’t forget your retargeting!  26% of returning users are well worth the effort.