From Content Marketing to Retargeting 6 Tips

To demystify retargeting, first know that this is similar to remarketing—a method of advertising online for website traffic.  You want your visitors to stay at your website and not bounce.  The percentage of visitors to your site after viewing a single page has been analyzed to be the bounce rate.  You will want a higher awareness at your site to dilute those visitors leaving.  On the first visit, only 2% of traffic is convinced and won over.  Retargeting is a means to help you reach the 98% of those who have left.

1.  Content Marketing

content-marketingThis is a preferred and favorite technique by many and is ideal for driving traffic to websites.  Quality well written content that is of use, educational, or informative will keep users on your site and increase conversions.  When material quality—not quantity—is inferior—and people know second-rate content—website traffic suffers.  Great search engine optimization (SEO) will rank well for the honorable diligent marketer.




2.  Search Engine Targeting

Search retargeting is a fast developing approach.  It uses some of the search engine marketing (SEM) concepts.  Bidding for display based upon a user’s keywords into search engines is SEM.  The ads emerge on the search results page.  A retargeting search goes an extra step by having display ads at sites based upon what users have entered before.  It does not surprise SEM pros that search engine retargeting is a powerful tool.

3.  Marketing Automation

marketing-automationFor companies to automate and measure marketing missions and workflow, this can be efficient in the operations of day-to-day processes and increase revenue more rapidly.  Automated marketing software is used for B2B and B2C companies.  This simplifies lead generation, lead development, varied separations, lead scoring, the lifespan of customer marketing, retaining customers, up-sell, cross-sell, and return on investment.



4.  Facebook Ads

This is a sure way to generate specific cutting-edge ads that will touch a plethora of viewers to meet your objective.  You select the people to view your ads by age, interest, location, and additional benchmarks.  Facebook hooks up with 1.4 billion people daily and 900 million people stop in to view it each day.  Facebook keeps you updated with the performance of your ads, and how your budget is being used.  You can get an Ads Manager app for when you’re away for measuring your marketing results on Facebook.

5.  Email Marketing

It works!  Email marketing software enables you to connect to people and reports back to you the response of those receiving your email.  This helps you prepare for your next marketing strategy.  By marketing your commercial communication, and the message it conveys, is mind boggling for results.  Use it to send your ads, requests for business, solicit donations or sales, to build loyalty, your brand appreciation, and belief in you.  This can be done with lists or the database of your current customers.  You can expect to get new customers, developing merchant relationships, furthering current customers to buy, and inclusion of advertisements from other companies to their existing customers.

6.  Video Ad Marketing

video-marketingDifferent visitors respond to different types of marketing.  The methodology that can propel people to your site is a combination of creative approaches.  With the customary and usual methods, you are only accessing visitors who find your site.  What you need to do is have social networking sites such as Facebook.  Then you will want to brainstorm ideas for putting together a short video, with all the glitz and information you can think of tastefully done.  You will need to have ingenuous marketing skills for reaching people who will be visitors at your site because you will create in your video an interest for them to go to your site.



Think professional and be professional with integrity.  Have fresh ideas.  You might drive traffic with videos showing pets and kids doing silly things, but the quality of your visitors will be low and without engagement with your actual site.  Keep it relevant, and keep it creative.

Have your full URL to your website.  In your description, have your URL be the very first thing people will see.  It is a clickable link in YouTube making it easy to link directly to your site.

Videos are in their glory for receiving special treatment in search results.  Therefore, you want to get those people watching your video on YouTube to stop over at your website.

7.  Incentive Marketing

To get people to your site offer them a freebie at your site—a coupon, a free drink, a download.  Do some questioning where they will need to get the answer at your site.  Do surveys, have a creative election, or interviews.  Ask what people love to do most:  giving their opinions.  Ask for their opinion on a widget, whatever you dream up.  Unite this with the freebie you are giving away after they complete the questions.

These tips will help you increase conversions by broadening your marketing strategies to include different techniques, while still maintaining consistent branding and look and feel for your campaigns.  Which of these marketing types works best for you?