Facts About Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to grow, and is still the 🏆 king of digital marketing.  It’s important to stay on top of it whether you’re an old pro or just getting started. Here are some Facts of Email Marketing, basics on Email Marketing, how it is used, and why it works.💪

facts about email marketing
Facts about Email Marketing
  1. Email marketing gives you access to billions of potential leads.  The number of e-mail users worldwide will be about 3 billion by 2019
  2. Email marketing averages a return of $38 for every $1 spent. 
  3. Email open rates are on the rise:  Open rates increase on a year-over-year basis.  Up 3.1% in 2016
  4. 89% of marketers say email is their primary lead generation strategy
  5. 82% of all companies use email marketing
  6. Email is 40x more effective at getting customers than Facebook or Twitter
  7. Open rates for emails with personalized subject lines have a 40% higher open rate than generic emails.
  8. Segmented campaigns targeted to specific users based on activity and interest drive a 760% increase in revenue
  9. Emails opened on mobile devices has risen to 56% of all emails sent in 2016.
  10. Email recipients who favor mobile responsive marketing emails rose from 15% in 2015 to 27% in 2016.
  11. E-commerce customers who receive multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4X more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one follow up email.
  12.  Customers who receive a follow up email after a purchase, subscription, or sign up have an open rate of 46.1% and a click rate of 16.7%
  13. Triggered emails drive a 624% higher conversion rate for the same number of sends as compared to “batch and blast” emails.
  14. 61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly, while 28% would prefer emails more often.
  15. One element that continues to drive the effectiveness of email marketing is the availability of high quality, relatively low cost tools and service providers.

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