Don’t Let Customers Forget You! Say Hi to Triggered Emails

Customers bouncing from a website at a rate of 98% is something that is known and combated by most marketers.  We’ve written pieces ourselves on how to reduce that rate using Exit Intent Banners and Cart Abandonment techniques.  Or, even if you’re not even going so far as to get a purchase, let’s say you just want an email signup for a newsletter, or ebook download.  Entry and Exit Pop ups can be massively effective in this area.  These are solid and effective strategies for casting a net to catch a few lost visitors and converting them.

convert-site-visitorsBut now we get to the bigger picture, how do you get them to come back?  If you have their email through a purchase or signup, you’re a giant step ahead.  However, what you do with it is key.  Triggered Emails, offered by the Marketing Automation Company BigEngage allow you to set specific actions that users take, and send them custom, segmented, personalized emails at specific times based on actions.

For example, you can send a welcome message after a purchase, or a white paper after an email sign up, as well as create *new* entry/exit, promotion and retargeting banners based solely on the email that you just sent.

This turns the visitor into a customer, treated with value and appreciation, and guided through their further journey through your site.  Perhaps you want to show them new products based on previous choices, new info based on their expressed interests, it’s all available with trigger actions.

It doesn’t stop there.  The idea is to nurture the visitor.  So you can set up multiple email triggers to fire at different times, giving your customers relevant updates, suggestions, products, discounts, and so on.  Again, each trigger will invite them to see more custom content on your site, never the same experience twice.

Customers have shown that they are 70% more likely to do business with sites that cater to them.  So create entry and exit ads that enhance the customer experience.  Show them around, direct them to new pages, and don’t worry about asking them for duplicate information.  If they’ve already signed up, or filled out a particular form, you can simply choose not to show that the next time they enter.

You can continue to construct beautiful, informative, nurturing and timely emails to customers, leads, and visitors without having to manually create updated content each time you want to send.  Trigger email campaigns allow you to set your campaign in motion, target the customers at the right time, and let it do its magic from there, for as long as you want.  Check out some exciting new trigger features over at BigEngage.