Don’t let Cart Abandoners Slip Away!

When shopping online, almost 70% of people abandon their cart before purchasing.  They don’t have to be lost!  For the rest that do make a purchase…keep them coming back!  There are specific ways to re-engage both types effectively, with finely tuned and optimized email and retargeting campaigns to retain customers that buy, and bring back those who might.

stop cart abandonmentAbandoned shopping carts are one of the biggest opportunities to send a personalized email to the potential customer and guide them back into completing their purchase.  If you are capturing the email address of potentials, it’s important to capture where they were in your funnel, where they dropped off, and what they were ordering.  The best way to take advantage of this information is to make certain you are getting their address as early in the funnel as possible.  That presents the opportunity to follow up with an email quickly offering to help the customer complete the purchase, and/or offering a discount or promotion.  Keep in mind that the further along the customer gets to checkout, the faster that email should be sent to them.  A potential buyer who is a page or click away from buying should be contacted immediately to create a seamless experience from cart to email, and ideally back to cart.  For customers further away from the purchase page whose intent is less clear, it can be beneficial to send an email more focused  on product suggestions, discounts, and in a drip series that continues over 24, 36, and 72 hours after they have left the funnel.  This way they are presented with several reasons to come back, whereas the customer that came within a couple of clicks to purchase should get an email about the specific product they were intent upon.

For those that did purchase, retargeting with email and banners can establish a long term relationship with that customer and keep them coming back.  Email campaigns designed with personal engagement and relevant products and discounts, and banners that follow the customer with these same elements.  One mistake often seen in web retargeting is showing a customer banner ads for the same product they just purchased.  Crafting your campaigns to show related products, accessories, and discounts will improve ROI and repeat purchases significantly.  Banners for the already purchased product waste impressions, money, and don’t help foster a continued relationship with that customer.  As said in Glengarry Glenross: “Don’t sell a guy one car. Sell him five cars over fifteen years.”