Will Desktop Notifications Come to Microsoft Edge?

For a while now, Mozilla’s Firefox browser has featured the ability to let website owners send push notifications to users who opt in to receive notifications on desktop.

Push notifications have traditionally been the successful stuff of mobile devices only, which was a constant frustration for web developers.  Firefox jumped in quickly with a desktop solution. So now Firefox can show notifications to users even when not on the website.  Once the user grants permission, the website will pass on notifications to Firefox, which then delivers the notifications to user’s desktop computer on Windows or Mac.

Safari and Chrome jumped into the mix as well and now a growing number of bug sites are using desktop push notifications. Companies like the New York Times, ESPN, and eBay all employ desktop notifications of one kind or another.

The Edge Browser does not yet support desktop notifications. As for when they might, Microsoft has indicated the priority on their platform is “medium.”  This may be something they want to push the peddle a little harder on now that every other browser is offering them.  There is even a (highly technical – techies only) standard by which other browsers are using API technology to facilitate desktop push notifications.

As for Firefox, it was the first to deliver notifications even with a browser closed.  Other browsers used to require that you keep the notifying website open in your browser. Firefox led the way with the addition of closed browser notifications.  Other browsers now feature this as well, however Firefox continues to develop new improvements to their notification technology.

Will Edge follow suit?  Time will tell.  However, don’t expect a push notification from Edge when it happens.