Cart Abandonment Rates 2016

If you have an eccomerce site, or a Saas site offering a service, then you are well aware that Cart Abandonment continues to be a speedbump, and one that a huge numbers of companies are attempting to solve.  The overall Cart Abandonment Rate according to EyStudios is 69% so far in 2016.  The good news is this is down from reports of 75% in 2015.

Here are some key findings that will help

cart-abandon-rates-2016According to a new report by the top  reasons for abandonment this year have been:

  • 44% Didn’t want to pay shipping
  • 37% Just browsing
  • 36% Found a better deal elsewhere
  • 25% Felt navigation was too difficult
  • 23% Did not want to create an account

The encouraging news is that those top reasons for cart abandonment can be addressed by site design, and more so by email and web retargeting, as well as effective exit ads.  Visit for tools on reducing cart abandonment and bringing back customers.