Blog Traffic on Steroids!

You run a blog.  You want to drive traffic to it. Very simple.  One method you probably use is building a following on social media channels like twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, self-promotional.  But what if you don’t have good content to keep readers informed, entertained and up to speed?

Get blog traffic with short URLS

This is a good time to provide value to your social media fans by sharing links to 3rd party sites with content that’s perfect for them. It seems self-promotional, but here’s the trick – using short URLS, you can be very self-promotional, while still giving readers great 3rd party content.

SmartURL shorteners are ubiquitous, but they have limited capabilities.  When you send out a shortURL, you’re trying to get readers.  So check out how to make a ShortURL that dials up to 11.


BigEngage, a customer communication tool has the ability to shorten a 3rd party site’s link, so you can share it.  AND – When people click on those links, they’ll see an entry message from you right on that page, and it will link back to your site or ask the reader to immediately sign up for your blogs newsletter.

It allows you to drive traffic to your site from readers who already trust the outside content you’re sharing.

Your entry windows from your smartURL can feature your picture, a link to subscribe, and even video.  It’s a full on-site entry message, taking place on an outside site.

Creating it and setting it up is as easy as any other ShortURL provider. Take your URL, put in the site you want it to appear on, then create your entry message with a call to action for visitors to check out your site, or even sign up for your updates.

You want to drive traffic to your blog for free, and that’s what you’ll get since they’ve already shown their interest in the type of content you’re sharing.

It’s high-quality blog traffic as well. Shortened URLS on outside sites have been known to get visitors who browse over 5 pages on their site.

Check out this video for more on the awesome ways to get your blog on popular sites.


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