Appreciate Your Site’s Frequent Visitors

When your site gets to the point where it has visitors who keep coming back, you probably feel, and rightfully so, that you’re in great shape!

However, there are always next steps to grow those visitors into loyal customers, and show them you know they’ve been coming by.  Which leads me to ask…

A Super Important Question…

Do you address the fact they came back to your site?

Do you make them feel special?

Do you ask them to buy on this visit?

Most sites don’t, which is unfortunate….literally.

Imagine a local coffee shop, you’ve been going there for weeks now, but no one there recognizes you or thanks you for your patronage.

Instead, now imagine on the 2nd visit, they say, “Hey I’ve seen you here before. We appreciate you coming back today. What can I get you?”


I guarantee you will feel special, excited about being there, and more likely to spend more with them.

Well your site is the same!
Why are you not thanking them for their patronage?

According to a Yahoo study, personalization is preferred by over 70% of web users.  So don’t let another frequent visitor wander across your site unrecognized.  Start making them feel at home, and you are guaranteed to see conversions and loyalty grow every day.

Check out this video from BigEngage that shows how to easily appreciate your frequent visitors.