Gain more blog readers with Exit Intent Windows

Everyone who visits your blog is different.  Some know right where to go, some landed on a particular article they wanted to see. Many times they don’t see what they want right away and they bounce.  

Maybe there was too much content, the headlines didn’t grab them, for whatever reason….gone. They don’t have to be!  An exit intent pop up that shows up just as they are leaving is a proven way to get them to subscribe to your blog for future posts.

get blog subscribers

An exit window can raise the signup rate of visitors leaving by 3 to 18%.

An exit window is a small, concise message that can sum up your blog in a few words, or let a visitor know what they might be missing.  It’s simple and right to the point.  You can use it to offer incentives like a free ebook in exchange for an email address. People love free things, and an exchange for an email address is a solid method to gain new subscribers


An exit window can appeal to the visitor who is short on time, or maybe didn’t know exactly where to go, or someone who just needs that little extra incentive.

It’s like a tiny landing page.  Give them a quick headline and make your offer.  Tell them how your blog benefits them, make a strong call to action to sign up for it.  Many will sign up. Like I said 3 to 18%.

Using BigEngage you can make this happen easilyYou can customize your exit window in a ton of different and awesome ways.  We recommend putting a personal image.  People like to see people.  You can also add another attractive image related to your content.  Configure your messaging to the visitor’s interest, not your benefits.

Tell them why your blog is great for them. You can use pre-created templates for a special look, or a simple exit that stays straight to the point.

You need readers and subscribers to grow your blog and get people to share and be influencers for you.  So use these exit window strategies to recover lost visitors and turn them into avid fans.


Watch this video to see how BigEngage Exit Windows can eliminate lost visitors and make them loyal readers