5 Basic Steps to get started on an Email Drip Campaign

Unlike batch and blast email marketing, drip email marketing programs are effective since they provide a way through which marketers continue to communicate with their targeted audience. Drip campaigns consist of an automated series of emails that continue to reach your customers in a sequential and increasingly personal manner.   Many people want to use email drip marketing even though they have no idea on how they can get started. Here are five ideas to help you create a reliable email drip marketing program.

email marketing goal

1. Set the Goal

First, you must identify your main reason for creating the drip program. It can be educational, promotional, training based or a recommendation drip.  Whatever the case, identifying the purpose of the drip will help you choose and apply appropriate designs.

2. Select your Audience

The success you get from drip programs revolve around targeting the right audience. Targeting the right audience entirely depend on how you choose and specify contacts and information. This is why you you need to select your audience as an important step.

great email content
3. Prepare Relevant Content and Messages

This is the backbone for drip program marketing. It determines how possible it is to convince audiences to do what you wish. Here, you ought to prepare contents and messages that are informative, eye catching and convincing. Every detail must be organized in a simple way and if possible with a magical formula that will attract readers.



4. Set the Schedule

After you have prepared the required contents and messages, you must create the work schedule and a work flow before working on other logistics. Before you finally set up the email automation tool, you should think of trying it on a whiteboard.  Map out how you want your series to go.  Where it starts, and where it stops.  Remember, an endless series of drip emails that goes on forever, will probably keep that user away forever as well.

5. Adjust, Monitor and Deploy Accordingly

Despite the factor that drip programs run on an autopilot, you need to be analytical. Actually, you should monitor and evaluate the system always.  Even as automation becomes more and more prevalent, the human touch is still needed, particularly when it comes to optimization.  So use all the technology you can, there are some great companies out there.  But always make sure your marketing team knows exactly what is going on to keep your campaign bringing in conversions.