5 Email Marketing data points everyone should know

Email marketing has been around as long as any form of internet marketing for many reasons.  It can be tailored to specific segments, it’s delivered to a consumer without them having to visit a site, and it can be easily tracked even in the simplest CRMs and delivery tools.  But even as other forms of advertising grow smarter, email still provides the kind of data points that can quickly and effectively lead to greatly increased conversions and campaign success.  Below we have compiled 10 of the most important data points to track when conducting an email marketing campaign.

  1. Make it short and make it count!

Email inboxes are a crowded field.  A boring or pedestrian subject line, along with an overly crazed line riddled with capital letters will get you straight to a spam box.  Words such as “free,” and “sale,” are still two of the most successful words that trigger opens.  Additionally, subject lines under 15 characters lead to higher opens (17%) and a better CTR (a 2% increase).

  1. Action bemailing success tipsased and triggered emails work

Emails that offer highly personalized content and are carefully timed to reach subscribers just after engagement, do much better than the typical generic email. More than half of all triggered emails get opened, click-through rates are reported at more than 10%.

  1. An email a day keeps the bounces away

Marketers might think that sending multiple emails a week will scare customers away.  However, marketers who send only an email a month have an average bounce rate of 3.2%, while those who send an email a day have a significantly lower 0.3% bounce rate. So don’t be afraid to keep them emails coming.

  1. Most emails simply don’t get opened

Across all industries on average, 20 to 30% of emails are opened.  This is according to a recent Mailchimp report which also states that some industries fare better than others. Financial services for example, tend to be opened often, possibly due to the highly transactional nature of their emails. The best way to increase open rates and of course conversions is email personalization.

  1. Click-through rates are steady

Click through rates on marketed emails stands at 3.26%, so far in 2015 compared to 3.16% last year. Not a big jump, the numbers stay fairly consistent over the years.  Some industries stand out.  Online services as well as eCommerce industries hold rates of approximately 6% and 4%, respectively.